concat(objs: Union[Sequence[meerkat.dataframe.DataFrame], Sequence[meerkat.columns.abstract.Column]], axis: Union[str, int] = 'rows', suffixes: Tuple[str] = None, overwrite: bool = False) Union[meerkat.dataframe.DataFrame, meerkat.columns.abstract.Column][source]

Concatenate a sequence of columns or a sequence of DataFrame`s. If sequence is empty, returns an empty `DataFrame.

  • If concatenating columns, all columns must be of the same type (e.g. all

ListColumn). - If concatenating `DataFrame`s along axis 0 (rows), all `DataFrame`s must have the same set of columns. - If concatenating `DataFrame`s along axis 1 (columns), all `DataFrame`s must have the same length and cannot have any of the same column names.

  • objs (Union[Sequence[DataFrame], Sequence[AbstractColumn]]) – sequence of columns or DataFrames.

  • axis (Union[str, int]) – The axis along which to concatenate. Ignored if concatenating columns.


concatenated DataFrame or column

Return type

Union[DataFrame, AbstractColumn]